Cambro Manufacturing

Starting with just one product, the Camtray®, nearly 70 years ago, family-owned and operated, Cambro has grown to become an international presence with production facilities and offices worldwide.

Cambro is widely recognized for producing some of the industry’s most innovative, durable, and highest quality products. Featuring a diverse range of storage, shelving, trays, table service, display items and much more, Cambro’s product line continues to grow as its founders remain committed to developing innovative, long-lasting products that can help you save both time and money.

The Cambro Camtray®

The durable, all-purpose Camtray® is still an industry standard that now comes in fifty-three different colors and patterns to suit your needs. Safe for high heat commercial dishwashers, the Camtray is made from impact-resistant, lightweight fiberglass making it the perfect companion for cafeterias, casual dining, food courts, hospitals, institutions, and much more.

Cambro Food Storage Containers

Commercial kitchens have long stood by the durable Camwear® CamSquare and round food storage containers. Designed to be virtually unbreakable, these storage containers withstand temperatures from 40° F to 210° F and are resistant to acids, stains, and odors. Easy-to-read graduations and large molded-in handles make for safe and simple carrying in fast-paced kitchens. Plus, snap-on covers make for a spill-proof container with a trustworthy fresh seal, extending the life of your ingredients.

Cambro Food Transport

Transportation is made easier with Cambro’s line of insulated food transport carts and carriers. Made of durable and lightweight expanded polypropylene, the new Cam GoBox® weighs in at less than 3 pounds, making it a lighter alternative for safely transporting hot or cold food to and from an event.

When transporting bulk quantities of prepared ingredients, the new Pro Cart Ultra® features adjustable stainless steel universal rails to accommodate a variety of food pans, sheet pans, trays, and much more.

As a leader in innovative, long-lasting products to use in and out of the kitchen, get connected with a restaurant dealer today to shop Cambro.

Cam GoBox® Food Transporters
Chef using Cambro Camwear round containers
Camwear® Round Food Storage Containers
camtray tray holding beverages cambro
Camtray® Tray Holding Beverages
Camview drink pitchers cambro
Camview® Drink Pitchers
Camwear Food Storage Bins Cambro
Camwear® Food Storage Bins
cambro insulated food carrier cambro
Cambro® Insulated Food Carrier

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