Carter-Hoffman Equipment

Carter-Hoffmann equipment is proudly made in the USA just outside of Chicago in Mundelein, Illinois. Known for commercial holding equipment, their products include:

  • Heated transport carts and satellite transport carts
  • Banquet carts and other banquet equipment
    • Mobile refrigerators
    • Modular holding cabinets
    • Cook and hold cabinets
    • Plate holding equipment
  • Patient tray carts, dispensers, and tray make-up equipment
  • Specialty holding equipment
  • Carter-Hoffmann warmers, and more.

Carter-Hoffmann has pioneered many innovations in commercial holding equipment and sets the standard for the industry. HotLogix technology, integrated into their heated holding cabinets, uses an onboard steam generator with a precision engineered fan and duct system to achieve up to 90% humidity even at high temperatures. Carter-Hoffmann HotLogix improves yields and keeps foods moist. Their GardenChef herb and micro green growing cabinets are an industry first and allow you to turn your kitchen into a garden showplace. With optimal lighting, temperature, and easy access, GardenChef allows chefs to easily grow and harvest herbs and other green delicacies.

Dry aging is easy with Carter-Hoffmann’s Tenderchef. Tenderchef units can hold sausages and cuts of meat up to six months. With UVC sterilization, and perfectly controlled airflow, temperature, and humidity, Tenderchef is great for aging cuts of beef or curing charcuterie and cheese. Carter-Hoffman also provides solutions for fried food stations with their Crisp ‘n Hold technology. It keeps fried foods crispy and warm while gently wicking away moisture and vapors.

Carter-Hoffmann strives to be the industry leader in holding, transport, and specialty equipment. Precision engineering and quality manufacturing makes them a favorite amongst high volume and institutional operators. Features like stainless steel construction and three year warranty coverage on many of their modular holding cabinets speaks to the durability and reliability of Carter-Hoffmann equipment. Additionally, the availability of numerous options and accessories means you can find exactly the solution you need with Carter-Hoffmann. For instance, if you need a heated transport cart, you’ll find over thirty models with more than twenty-five options and accessories. For good reason, Carter-Hoffmann equipment is a top choice for holding and transport equipment.