Carter-Hoffmann Equipment

Carter Hoffmann

Carter-Hoffmann is an American company that offers a full range of foodservice supplies and equipment. Their product catalog is packed with useful items that will help you boost productivity in your foodservice, hospitality, or other food-related operation. Their product lines include refrigeration equipment, cook and hold cabinets, food transport carts, food holding cabinets, food holding stations and hospital tray line and meal delivery equipment.

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If you want to produce your own herbs or micro greens in your restaurant, you may wish to try one of Carter-Hoffmann’s GardenChef Green Growing Cabinets. These innovative cabinets feature digitally controlled and automated systems that regulate watering, light cycles, nutrient availability, air circulation, and humidity, allowing you to easily produce fresh herbs and other green delicacies with minimal effort. Their TenderChef unit is another specialty appliance worth trying. This product is a dry-aging and curing cabinet that simplifies the process of aging cuts of meat or curing charcuterie and cheese.

Carter-Hoffmann also has a wide variety of different holding cabinets with precision-engineered heat ducts that offer even heat throughout their entire storage area, improving product yields by keeping foods moist. These cabinets are available in a variety of styles and specifications, including options with humidity control, top mount heating systems, and blow heat for active and fast heat-up. For foodservice providers that offer fried foods, there is also a great selection of countertop fried food stations available in Carter-Hoffmann’s Crisp ‘n Hold line. These products keep fried foods crispy and warm while effectively wicking moisture and vapors away from the food.

The precision engineering and quality manufacturing of Carter-Hoffmann products helps position them as a favorite amongst high volume and institutional foodservice providers. Carter-Hoffmann has a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor. Additionally, the availability of numerous options and accessories means you can find exactly the solution you need with Carter-Hoffmann. With the Kitchen Spot, you can find a local restaurant supply store or design expert to help you find the right Carter-Hoffman equipment solution for your restaurant.