Hamilton Beach Commercial

Hamilton Beach Commercial is a leading provider of commercial kitchen equipment for foodservice businesses. They have a diverse product offering that features commercial blenders, mixers, juicers, and more. Hamilton Beach focuses their efforts on leveraging reliable technology to create smart solutions to your everyday business issues. Their products save you time, allowing you to offer customers a better experience.

Hamilton Beach has a strong selection of high-performance blenders for you to select from. The Eclipse™ Blender is one such option and it comes with powerful features. This blender offers a 3 peak Hp motor and comes equipped with Hamilton’s QuietBlend™ technology, which significantly decreases the amount of noise created while blending. The Eclipse is available in 64 oz and 48 oz versions.

If you are looking to automate your beverage production, Hamilton offers several state-of-the-art beverage automation systems. Beverage automation allows you to create large batches or single drinks in incredibly high volumes. Hamilton Beach’s SmartServe® Blend-in-Cup Machine is one of their most feature-packed products and allows you to create complex drinks without messy blender jars. They also transfer everything into your cup, preventing food waste. If you are looking to make icier drinks, consider The Revolution® Ice Shaver/Blender. This machine allows you to quickly blend up to 64 oz of any frozen drinks at a time.

If you need a high-volume juicing solution, Hamilton Beach also has a selection of commercial juicers available. Their FreshMark™ line of juicers offers you quick solutions to your juicing needs. The FreshMark™ Electric Citrus Juice, for example, allows you to quickly and easily juice lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit. The machine comes with reamers to match each of these different fruits as well. If you prefer a manual option for easier use, try their manual citrus juicer instead. FreshMark™ also offers a wheatgrass juicer that is built for professional use.

Beverage appliances aren’t the only equipment Hamilton Beach has to offer. They also have many supplies for commercial cooking. They have roaster ovens, food dehydrators, immersion circulators, slot toasters, and more. All of these tools can make operations much easier in your facility. They also have vacuum packaging supplies that you can use to store food efficiently. With many of the cooking supplies you need, let The Kitchen Spot connect you with a restaurant supply store and design expert to help find the right Hamilton Beach equipment for you.