Founded more than 140 years ago in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Vollrath has a long history of innovation. Developing a patented speckled enamel in 1889, the company then expanded into stainless steel in the 20th century. Today, Vollrath manufactures a wide range of products ranging from kitchen supplies, to countertop equipment and much more. Boasting a catalog of more than 3,000 products (with many made in the USA), you can trust in the long-lasting durability and quality of Vollrath.

Vollrath has an expansive line of countertop equipment, but their induction line is one of its top performers. Long used in Europe, induction is a type of cooking that leverages oscillating magnetic fields to generate heat instead of relying on a single heat source (like a gas flame or electric coil). Since the pan itself generates heat in induction cooking, you’ll be looking at a reduction in your energy expenses; the heat is localized and requires less energy in the first place. Cooks also love the consistency when it comes to induction cooking. No more worrying about keeping accurate temperatures or hot spots from occurring. With Vollrath’s line of induction warmers and rethermalizers, you will have the confidence that your food will taste excellent even after several hours on the line.

The custom buffet and catering equipment offered by Vollrath features a full culmination of company’s vast array of foodservice supplies, equipment, utensils and more. With Vollrath, you can choose your food preparation layout to maximize efficiency and functionality while also having full control over design aesthetics, layout and much more. You can even incorporate induction cooking equipment into your buffet line for optimum long-term reliable and consistent results.</p> <p>For durable kitchen supplies and equipment you can depend on, shop the full catalog of products from Vollrath.