Spaceman USA

If you serve ice cream or frozen beverages, Spaceman USA has solutions for you! Spaceman USA is a leading manufacturer of soft serve and frozen beverage equipment. The company was founded in 1997 by an aerospace engineer, which is what inspired their name. So far, the company has sold more than 50,000 machines worldwide. With so many machines sold and no sign of slowing down, you can see why Spaceman USA is such a trusted brand. Most of Spaceman’s products feature a hopper agitator, which regularly mixes its contents to keep ice from building up and to ensure that the products being served are evenly cooled at all times.

The Spaceman 6235AH is Spaceman USA’s premium soft serve machine. This machine can be set on a counter top, making it easily accessible for your customers. The 6235AH is a pressurized, mid to high capacity soft serve machine that is perfect for high volume foodservice providers. It offers two single flavor dispensers and one twin twist dispenser that mixes two flavors together. This allows you to offer your customers a good variety of delicious ice cream options.

If you want to serve frozen beverages alongside your soft serve ice cream, Spaceman has some interesting machines for you to choose from. They have several high volume machines that can dispense a variety of frozen beverages, including milkshake machines, frozen cocktail machines and smoothie machines. The Spaceman 6455H, for example, is a mid-capacity, dual flavor countertop beverage machine that can produce all types of frozen beverages. Use it to make milkshakes, frozen coffee drinks, and more. Its dual controls allow you to serve two different products from the same machine, making your product offering more versatile.

Frozen beverages are delicious and sure to be enjoyed by your customers. If you are hoping to start serving soft serve or frozen beverages, The Kitchen Spot will connect you with a foodservice supply expert that will help you obtain Spaceman USA products.