Convotherm Combi Ovens

Convotherm was founded in 1976 and they have been creating products that allow for a more efficient kitchen workflow ever since. Their products often help foodservice businesses produce higher quantities of food at once, allowing them to expand their menu and quickly satisfy their guests. Users choose Convotherm combi ovens because their products raise the bar in quality, efficiency and reliability.

Convotherm is dedicated to manufacturing best in class commercial ovens. Although Convotherm ovens are available in a variety of designs and specifications, their product portfolio focuses mainly on two major product lines: the Convotherm Mini and Convotherm 4. The Convotherm Mini is an outstanding small scale combi oven that is built to hold either six or ten pans, depending on the model you purchase. Both are 51.5cm wide, which provides users with a large cooking chamber that they can use to produce high volumes of food.

The Convotherm 4 is similar to the Convotherm Mini in visual appeal, but it packs far greater capacity and capabilities. This commercial oven can hold a capacity of either 12 or 20 pans, depending on the model you select. It also has the option of coming equipped with easyDial or easyTouch technology. The easyTouch packing offers a range of practical features that are accessible using a high-resolution touch screen, while the easyDial options allow you to select and adjust all settings manually using a dial that is visible at all times. In addition to Convotherm combi ovens, accessories including stands, banquets, cleaning agents, baking sheets and condensation hoods are available.

Convotherm combination ovens are a forward-looking technology, and were started as a subsidiary of the Welbilt company in. Welbilt, Inc. is a global business that provides professional kitchen systems for foodservice operators. They have won the 2020 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence Award, which recognizes continued leadership and higher contributions to ENERGY STAR. The Environmental Protection Agency has also publicly recognized Welbilt for eleven consecutive years due to their commitment to preserve the environment. The Kitchen Spot will connect you with foodservice supply and design experts that can help you find energy efficient Convotherm products near you.