Piper Products Commercial Equipment

Piper Products Commercial Equipment is an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of restaurant equipment. They have exemplified their commitment to customer service through their excellent lines of commercial foodservice equipment. Piper has a selection of products suitable for any scale of foodservice operation. Whether you have a small local corner bakery or a large commercial cafeteria, Piper Products has solutions for you.

Piper Products was founded in 1960 as a small company that provided foodservice supplies to independently owned bakers and grocery stores. In 1990, Piper Products acquired Super Systems, a company that produced high quality commercial ovens and proofers. Piper has continued to purchase foodservice companies in recent years and they have grown their operations significantly in doing so.

Today, Piper offers a vast array of foodservice supplies and support equipment. They are also a leading brand in the aluminum and stainless-steel food transport equipment industry. Their food transport utilities are available in many styles and formats, making them useful in any commercial foodservice setting.

Piper has a great selection of heated and humidified holding solutions that you can use to keep your food products warm and moist, enhancing product yield. If you don’t need heated storage, they also have a number of well-engineered, non-heated racks, cabinets and delivery carts.

There are a number of heavy duty appliances in Piper’s product portfolio too. If you need a blast chiller for your facility, they have countertop, reach-in roll-in and pass-through options available. Their blast chillers utilize FoodSafe technology to battle foodborne pathogens, ensuring that your food products are safe to eat. They also have a range of ovens, BBQ machines, and proofers which can be used to cook food for your customers.

If you’re in the market for high-quality restaurant equipment that are long-lasting and durable, Piper Products commercial equipment has the solution. The Kitchen Spot connects you with local restaurant supply stores and design experts who look forward to supporting you with your Piper Products equipment needs.