American Panel

A family-owned company founded in 1963, American Panel is a proven industry leader in the manufacturing of cold storage, blast chilling and shock freezing needs. Specializing in walk-ins, unibody chillers, cold storage warehouses and modular chillers, the company’s enduring commitment to quality and value provides customers with the peace of mind they’re looking for.

American Panel’s line of foamed-in-place walk-in coolers, freezers and insulated buildings feature a unique blend of innovative manufacturing technology and advanced product features. The high insulating properties of foamed-in-place urethane when paired with uniform density, structural rigidity and dimensional stability ensures your unit is extremely efficient. American Panel also understands the importance of aesthetics, adding top quality commercial hardware, premium grade metal finishes and multiple color options to enhance the display of your walk-in. Plus, with the company’s dedicated to zero defect manufacturing and product reliability, you can rest assured that every walk-in is pre-tested to ensure accuracy and a lifetime of dependable service.

American Panel’s HurriChill line includes a diverse selection of blast chillers and shock freezers to meet your needs. Blast chilling and shock freezing is ideal for preserving the quality of food cells while also increasing the shelf life of your product for several months. You may not also realize that with blast chilling or shock freezing, you protect moisture in the food from evaporation, saving up to 15% of overall weight and reducing product shrinkage.

Pair your high quality equipment with American Panel’s Advanced Walk-In Monitoring Systems and you will never have to worry about losing product again. With audio and visual temperature alarm set points, you can monitor for loss of power and other disasters and plan accordingly. Additional models also include HACCP compliance for 100% compliant data logging and adjustable polling, plus an SD memory card interface for easy backup and transfer of data.