Turbo Air

Turbo Air has long designed commercial refrigeration equipment with outstanding reliability and superior functionality. Featuring round, ergonomic corners, Turbo Air’s intuitive designs work seamlessly in any commercial space. Where Turbo Air really shines though, is with the invention of its “Self-Cleaning Condenser System.” Over time, dust and debris naturally builds up on the condenser of refrigeration system, blocking the airflow and preventing the condenser from properly releasing heat. The result? A broken piece of equipment. While most operators know that a regular cleaning is often required to prevent such breakdowns from occurring, who has the time? Turbo Air recognized the busy schedule of today’s foodservice operators and developed a self-cleaning condenser equipped with a rotating brush that moves up and down the condenser 2-3 times a day, preventing dust build up and maintaining the highest efficiency.

Turbo Air can also help you achieve your sustainability goals. Turbo Air engineers have figured out a way to optimize its fan motor. Fans are designed to circulate cold air within your refrigeration unit, but after running for 24 hours a day the heat generated from the fan can cause of a reversal effect, i.e., it warms the interior of your refrigerator rather than cooling it. Turbo Air fan motors only run as soon as an increase in temperature is detected, translating to 15%-25% in overall energy savings (plus it’ll extend the life of your compressor too). Finally, in addition to LED lighting systems for an overall reduction in energy consumption, Turbo Air now utilizes natural refrigerant in all of its refrigerators.

Turbo Air’s innovations makes the company a strong industry leader in the world of commercial refrigeration. From reach-ins, food prep tables, undercounter solutions, sushi tables and so much more, Turbo Air’s expansive catalog ensures there is the perfect product to meet your unique needs.