Doyon Commercial Baking Equipment

Doyon was established in 1950 as Doyon Equipment Inc. and specialized in repairing bakery equipment. Since the 1970’s, they’ve transitioned their business to manufacturing innovative commercial equipment. They were able to provide a series of high-performance baking products after developing the Jet Air integrated system. This system offers a series of reversible fans for their ovens and proofers. Since, Doyon has expanded their product offering to mixers, proofers, dough sheeters, dough dividers, rounders and moulders, and bread slicers.

Doyon commercial baking equipment is known for their offerings in hotels, supermarkets, the marine industry, universities, and pizza restaurants. Their SRO Roll-In Rack Convection Ovens offer a touch screen with programmable options where you can import your own recipes. It also features a cooling mode, adding sustainable features. These come in single rack or double rack options.

If you’re looking for custom proofers and retarder proofers, Doyon has you covered. You can customize these commercial units for your specific needs and sizing. These proofers are heavy duty, designed for 24-hour usage. Get connected with a design expert to equip your space with a new custom proofer today.

Doyon also specialized in planetary and spiral commercial mixers. Their SM200 Planetary Mixer features a space saving design, and a gear motor with three speeds. This commercial planetary mixer is highly competitive in its space. It can handle a variety of foods, from meatloaf to cookies. The AEF and AFR spiral mixer series are great for bread making. With easy cleaning features, high horsepower and programmable speeds, these commercial kitchen partners won’t let you down.

If you’re looking for heavy-duty commercial baking equipment for your foodservice operation, Doyon has you covered. Trusted by many commercial bakeries and institutions, they won’t let you down. The Kitchen Spot can connect you with local design experts to help equip your space with commercial baking equipment.