Who We Are

Who We Are

Your guide and partner in the foodservice buying experience.

Our Purpose

Our mission is to deliver a personal, guided foodservice buying experience built for customer success by pairing expert local dealers and selected vendors with customized service, establishing lifelong relationships and trust.

Our Story

The Kitchen Spot was born out of a desire to help people in the foodservice industry make the right choices, feel confident in their decisions, and establish lifelong industry relationships. We set out to develop an unmatched, flexible approach to the foodservice buying experience, starting with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate digital expert directory.

But we didn’t want to just provide a storefront. We know most operators don’t have time to research every product they need for their foodservice business. That’s why we did the research for them, and vowed to only showcase industry-leading and trustworthy branded merchandise. We are reinvesting in our partner brands to bring high-quality, reliable, warranty-backed products to operators throughout the country.

And we didn’t stop there. We connect operators with local, knowledgeable dealers who are dedicated to superior customer service. Working with local dealers provides customers a uniquely personal, instructive buying experience so they get the right foodservice equipment on their first order.

Whether you run a small cafe, a catering business, or several high-end restaurants, we believe purchasing the right tools to help you succeed should be personal and convenient.

Our guided foodservice buying concept is the first of its kind in the industry, and we pride ourselves on our approach to rethinking and elevating the foodservice marketplace.