Restaurant Expansion

Thinking about opening a new restaurant or commercial kitchen? Wanting to expand your existing menu? The Kitchen Spot Menu Experience guides you through an interactive process to highlight some of the different decisions around restaurant equipment that relates to menu items. As you consider new concepts or expansion, there are a host of decisions you will need to make around ingredient sourcing, space and layout, market demand and more.

We want to make some of the decisions around commercial kitchen equipment additions easier. Click into your desired menu item to learn more about the specific foodservice equipment that is critical to the efficiency and operational success of your concept. Once inside the experience, you can dig deeper into a variety of equipment types to understand some of the considerations you should have in mind when researching options for your menu.

For example, in a pizza concept or expansion, there are several common styles of pizza ovens; Brick-Lined, Pizza Deck and Countertop. In this informative experience, you can learn more about each of these and some of the features you might want to consider based on your individual preference and needs for production output, cooking style and footprint.

If you are opening a bar, there is a lot of variety and options to make your space work for you. Many times, custom fabricated solutions support the equipment required. Here though, we will highlight some prominent pieces of equipment that will make your life easier and your customer experience even better. Efficiency and layout are key in a bar but make sure you check out the details behind ice machines, blenders, ice wells and beer dispensers to learn more!

This menu experience focuses on education but also allows you to connect with an expert near you from any of the different pages. It is often helpful to talk through your vision and any challenges you need to find a solution to ensure your menu is a success. The experts in The Kitchen Spot network are only a click or call away and they know the local community as well as code considerations to ensure compliance as well.