Cleveland Range Steam Cooking

Cleveland Range has been operating for more than 170 years, and in that time, they have developed a long-standing tradition of producing top-quality products at affordable prices. They understand that it isn’t easy to run a foodservice operation, so they strive to make your job easier. Cleveland Range is currently one of the leading manufacturers and designers of steam cooking equipment, including convection steamers, countertop steamers, pressure steamers, full sized and mini steam kettles, tilt skillets, and mixer kettles.

They also have a great offering of non-steam related cooking appliances, like the Power Pan™ braising pan line. These braising pans are available in either table top or floor seated models and both varieties have a long list of useful value-added features. For example, each skillet is made using durable stainless steel with structurally reinforced bottoms that won’t warp. They are also designed with a built-in efficient heating system that ensures fast and even heat distribution.

Cleveland Range’s cook chill systems come in complete packages that will allow your operation to meet its production demands, no matter how big or small. Each system can be customized to include mixer kettles, cook tanks, food pumps, and various pieces of support equipment. With a cook chill system on hand, your foodservice operation will be able to produce food in high volumes, with high consistency and increased efficiency.

Cleveland Range also has a wide range of sanitation solutions that help foodservice organizations keep equipment safe and sanitary. They’ve even built sanitation solutions into all of their steam cooking equipment. If you want to further optimize the cleaning process in your operation, you can opt to purchase equipment with add on sanitation features. These features include sliding drain drawers and swing drain funnels, which both can be used to route waste from kettles to be directly drained to a remote floor drain, preventing food and debris from causing safety and sanitation issues.

The product portfolio offered by Cleveland Range is incredibly versatile, allowing them to adequately serve the diverse needs of their customers. With The Kitchen Spot, you can find a local restaurant supply store or design expert to help you find proper equipment for your operation.