Federal Industries

Federal Industries produces top-rated commercial food display units that allow foodservice providers to show off their refrigerated, hot, frozen, non-refrigerated, service and self-serve food items. Federal Industries strives to provide their customers with innovative solutions to their food display needs. Their products capitalize on design innovation and their selection of products is highly versatile and adaptable. They pride themselves on the quality of their products and each of them are rigorously tested to ensure their overall durability and reliability. Federal Industries cares about quality to such an extent that they’ve established, on premise, their own state of the art UL and NSF approved testing laboratories.

Federal Industries separates themselves from their competitors by going above and beyond to be socially responsible in their operations. They have a strong belief in doing their part to keep the environment safe and their corporate strategy hinges on keeping their environmental footprint as small as possible. They achieve this by employing green manufacturing practices, maintaining energy efficient production and distribution facilities, and producing energy efficient displays and components.

Clear Coil™ is Federal Industries’ total system approach that aims to provide an extended shelf life for food products contained in Federal Industries’ refrigerated displays. The Clear Coil™ design leverages level balancing of compressor size, evaporator coils design, and air movement to keep uniform refrigerated temperatures even at high humidity levels.

With Federal Industries around, custom foodservice displays have never been easier to find. You can provide them with the exact style and specifications you desire for your food displays and they will manufacture the display to fit your specific needs. If you don’t need a tailor fit approach, they also offer appealing food display units that require no customization.

Restaurants who choose Federal Industries can rely on this food display manufacturer for all their fresh food displays. Through The Kitchen Spot, you can find a reliable foodservice supply expert who will walk you through the process of acquiring commercial display products.