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Restaurant table lamps can set the mood in your restaurant for a romantic evening and enhance your customers’ experience. Fuel cartridges and time-honored wax table candles give your lighting arrangement and place setting a way to provide your guests with a feeling of tranquility.

Disposable liquid candles can provide an economical and convenient way to accentuate your tabletop. Liquid wax can also provide a cost-effective means of offering candlelight to the tabletop and eliminate the stains and potential waxy mess a traditional candle has.

If you do choose to go with traditional restaurant table candles, you can choose from tealights, votives, and warmers in all sizes. No-mess liquid candles, innovative food heating solutions, and style-forward candle holders can also be found.

There are a variety of table lighting products including flameless lighting, outdoor lighting, solid wax candles, flameless candles, and table candles. The most popular disposable liquid candles can be found by checking out our restaurant supply experts with a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes to fit your restaurant theme.

You can find a large assortment of restaurant lamps with fuel that is packed in bulk, which offers a greater benefit over wax candles. This fuel is the most trustworthy and reliable liquid wax in the industry, and the liquid wax is classified as non-flammable. It has the same classification as vegetable oil (NFPA–National Fire Protection Assoc.) Class IIB combustible liquid, so the burden of worrying about insurance or shipping restrictions is naught.

The Kitchen Spot connects you with kitchen experts that can direct you to Hollowick, who is a leader in the industry of using lamps and fuel in your restaurant. Whether it be in a restaurant whose patrons are families and children or a restaurant specializing in that romantic dinner out, all of these products can be found by contacting local restaurant supply experts.