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A family owned business with over fifty years’ experience fulfilling the equipment and supply needs of foodservice operations of all sizes. Trust Jerico to procure the products you need in a timely manner, ensuring you meet your development deadlines.

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In 1960, Jerry Adelman decided to strike out, on his own, and start up a restaurant supply company in Miami. Jerry had some good friends who owned restaurants on Miami Beach, among them the famous Rascal House, and Wolfie’s Restaurant, and they began to do business with the young entrepreneur. For several years, Jerry built up the company, working with a single delivery driver. His wife, Helen, kept the books, and the small family business’s success seemed assured.

Unfortunately, Jerry suffered a major heart attack, and passed away in 1971. His eldest son, Richard, came home from college, and took over the operation of the family company, continuing the tradition of high customer service that marked his father’s tenure. In 1974, Ian McIntyre came to work, bringing in some new business accounts. The company was still small, with only three people, but, working long hours, the young team expanded the business. Jerico began developing overseas accounts, and exporting restaurant supplies and equipment became a growing part of Jerico. Restaurant chain accounts became a key component of the business, and more staff were hired to deal with the increasing work.

In the early 1990’s, Jerico joined a nationwide buying group of restaurant equipment dealers, Pride Centric Resources. An innovative group, Pride further fueled the company’s growth with its ties to major manufacturers, and a top notch marketing program. Jerico’s position in the dynamic South Florida marketplace continued to improve, and more sales and support associates came on board.

2016 brought new changes, as Ignacio Morales became CEO. Ignacio had worked at Jerico for 8 years, and had overseen much of the recent growth of the company. Ian McIntyre retired in 2018, and Richard Adelman stepped back to work part time.

The tradition of service to our clients, that Jerry Adelman began in 1960, still sets the course for Jerico. We appreciate that our customers choose to do business with us, and that they trust us to take care of their equipment and supply needs. Every Jerico employee is imbued with this spirit. We are here to serve YOU, our customers, to the best of our abilities, and we appreciate and honor the trust that you have in our company. Thank you!

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