Espresso Soci

Espresso soci was launched in 2010 with a firm belief that the company should exist to serve the mantra, “Because coffee is the most important meal of the day.” Their objective is to assist restaurants, hotels, and cruise lines in delivering exceptional coffee.

The decision to partner with Faema was driven by the recognition that nothing surpasses the quality of espresso produced by Faema espresso equipment. The founder had a life-altering experience when they tasted the finest espresso from a 12-year-old E61 machine in a quaint café in Trieste, Italy, which influenced the course of their life.

Five years down the road, Espresso Soci became the largest direct importer of Faema machines in the United States. As time passed, the company sought new avenues to enhance their customers’ coffee service. Upon discovering Tonino Lamborghini and experiencing his commitment to luxury and quality across various industries, along with tasting his coffee, they realized that they had found the perfect complement for Faema.