Winholt Equipment

Winholt Equipment is a leading manufacturer of commercial foodservice equipment. Winholt has been in business for more than 75 years working under one philosophy: “We Care”. This is evident through the obvious amount of care they put into the design and development of their products, all while working to provide a great customer experience. Their products are used in supermarkets, restaurants, retail shops, and health care institutions. Today they are a member of the MHI Material Handling Industry Association, National Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers and Manufacturers’ Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry. In recent years, they’ve expanded their Dallas, Texas manufacturing facility to enable them to better serve their customers.

Winholt products are popular all over the world. They have nearly every product you would ever need to operate a foodservice business including various carts, trucks, U-boats and shelving units. If you are concerned with storage, they have plenty of solutions for you. Their racks and locker systems can be used to keep items safe and secure. If you need to set up a multi-tier shelving system or dunnage racks, they can provide you with the items you need.

Winholt also has many cabinets and heater proofers. They have enclosed mobile cabinets, which are available in temperature controlled and non-temperature controlled formats. They have economy proofers, which are not as powerful as the standard proofers but consume less energy. If you want to show off your products, try a Winholt merchandising rack. These are display cabinets and stands that can also be purchased in temperature controlled or non-temperature controlled formats.

Winholt recognizes that each customer’s needs are different, and they strive to provide the best service and a wide range of products. Trust them to work to meet your needs, and get in touch with The Kitchen Spot today for help getting connected to a Winholt product expert.