Town Food Service Equipment

Town Food Service Equipment is a premier supplier of cooking equipment and cooking supplies. They specialize in manufacturing and distributing tools that are primarily used in the Chinese foodservice industry. The company was founded in 1929, allowing them the time it takes to develop strong relationships with leading providers in this industry. Although they may specialize in equipment that is used in the Chinese food industry, other foodservice providers can also benefit from their wide selection of high quality products.

Town Food Service has several ranges that are designed to optimize efficiency when cooking Chinese food. They offer ranges with one to six ranges, and the number of ranges is up to the purchaser. Their Express brand ranges have Fiber Ceramic chambers that have a front access sink on the right of each chamber. Their York brand ranges also feature Fiber Ceramic chambers, but customers can choose where the front access sink is located which allows increased customization in your kitchen. Town Food’s premium brand is the MasterRange. These ranges feature Refractory Brick chambers that cook much faster and are more durable. The Chambers and front access sink can be positioned precisely based on the customer’s specifications.

There are also smaller pieces of Chinese cooking equipment available in Town Food Service’s catalog, including rice cookers, rice warmers, and sushi holders. Their rice cookers and warmers are available in capacities ranging from 10 cups to 55 cups. Their rice warmers have similar volumes. If you need cookware, like pots, pans, steamers, or knives, Town Food Service has a variety of options as well. The company also offers various smallwares that are ideal for Chinese cuisine such as deep spoons, chopsticks, and traditional decorations.

Chinese cooking is made easier when you have the appropriate equipment. The Kitchen Spot will help you find a foodservice expert that understands how to acquire the best Chinese food cooking equipment on the market.