Libbey is one of the world’s leading glassware and tableware manufacturers. The history of this company is extensive and their roots can be traced back by almost two centuries. Their ancestral company, New England Glass Company, was founded back in 1818. They had several name transitions afterwards, but the company settled on The Libbey Glass Company in 1892. Although their name changed, they were still just as innovative as before. Libbey broke new ground as they became the first company to automatically produce light bulbs in 1904. They continued revolutionizing in the industrial space when they developed the first glass blowing machine in 1907. Nearly a century later, they created the first computer controlled blowing machine for stemware. Today, they are still innovating and providing their customers with exceptional products.

Libbey has several brands in their family of organizations and each one is as respected as they are. Their foodservice products are unmatched in quality and craftsmanship. They offer fine lines of dinnerware that are used in restaurants across the world. If you need plates, bowls, platters, trays, or ovenware, Libbey has solutions for you. Not only do they have what you need, they can offer it to you in as many styles and patterns as you can imagine. All of their products are available in a slew of different designs, allowing you to customize the visual aspect of your dinnerware.

Beverage ware is where Libbey started and you can trust that they have continued to produce best-in-class commercial solutions. They have every type of glass, including stemware, stemless glasses, bar glasses, cups and mugs. Their styles are tested and refined, which is why most equip their restaurants with Libbey glass.

While specializing in glassware, their flatware is of comparative quality. They offer flatware in a variety of different materials, including stainless steel and silver. Many of their flatware products are available in both 18/10, 18/8 and 18/0 styles. They also have a unique selection of sharp and durable steak knives available.

Libbey is a historic company with a long track record of customer satisfaction. The Kitchen Spot will connect you with local experts to help you find the right glassware solutions for you.