Hollowick has been providing restaurant lighting and food warming products to the hospitality and foodservice industries for more than fifty years. They are leaders in developing new forms of table lighting and cooking fuel products. The cornerstone of their brand is reliability, innovation, and comprehensive customer service. Their products include restaurant candles, tea light candles, no-mess liquid candles, style-forward candle holders and other food heating solutions. Their unique products can be combined with one another to create a perfectly lit setting for your customers.

Liquid candles feature a wick that is submerged in liquid wax or another fuel source. The selection of liquid candles that Hollowick offers can be complemented with a range of different accessories, such as holders or pumps. If liquid isn’t right for you, try any of their wax candles. They have a wide selection of wax candles in many different styles, such as tea lights, pillar candles, or floating candles. For larger light sources, Hollowick has a range of different lamps. They come in sizes ranging from small tea light lamps to full size lamps. Hollowick also sells globes and shades that you can use to enclose or cover your lamps. Need commercial outdoor lighting? Tiki® brand torches are perfect for lighting up your outdoor seating area.

If flame-based lighting solutions don’t suit your business, Hollowick also has a variety of flameless lighting solutions with both indoor and outdoor options. Their V12™ Rechargeable System simulates a real candle set and better yet, it doesn’t need to be plugged in. You can simply recharge the candles using the base and they are ready to go. It’s that simple.

If you need to heat food using an open flame, Hollowick offers a plethora of heating tools. They have chafing fuel in both liquid and gel forms. There are also butane fuel sources available if you need higher heat.

If you need candles, Hollowick has it all. Let The Kitchen Shop connect you with a local expert that will help you secure Hollowick products for your foodservice operation.