DISCO is a leading distributor and manufacturer of specialty products for the wholesale foodservice industry. They are widely respected for their high quality shortening filtration products, as well as a range of other useful specialty foodservice supplies. The company was founded in 1967 under the name Dave’s International Specialty Company (DISCO). In 2011, DISCO was bought out by Cellucap Manufacturing, increasing their ability to develop and manufacture new and innovative products. Today, DISCO offers more than five hundred different products under a hundred different labels.

Soon after being established in 1967, DISCO launched the Grill Brick as one of their flagship products. Although it was incredibly simple, this innovative new product was a revolutionary tool used for grill and griddle cleaning. The Grill Brick is a nonporous stone that can be used to scrub grills clean, without scratching the surface. Today, DISCO offers a vast portfolio of griddle cleaning systems that includes squeegees, cleaning screens and pads.

Griddle and grill cleaning are one vertical market that DISCO supplies, but they also have a range of other professional cleaning products. One such product, Shakedown®, is a powerful odor eliminator that can be sprinkled on floors and in other areas with unpleasant smells. Shakedown® doesn’t just mask odors, it controls and eliminates them.

Cleaning products aren’t the only options that DISCO has to offer. They also have a selection of useful food handling supplies, like the Freshway® Crisper line of products. In 1985, DISCO released the Freshway® and today customers are using it to keep their fresh cut fruits and vegetables crisp and full of color. DISCO also has a diverse catalog of expendable products that are available in paper, plastic and wood. This category includes dollies, towelettes, toothpicks, skewers, and more!

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