Continental Commercial Products

Continental Commercial Products manufactures and distributes commercial plastic and textile goods for use by foodservice operators, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, government institutions, and several other industrial demographics. Continental Commercial Products is incorporated under American Plastics, LLC, which is headquartered in St. Louis Missouri.

Continental manufacturing practices include high pressure injection molding, low pressure structural foam molding and a range of different sewn and assembled textiles. Their products are useful for a variety of different business purposes, including cleaning, food processing, and material handling. They boast a moderate selection of foodservice equipment, including tubs, racks and bins. Whether you’re looking for an insulated box to store ice or dunnage racks to hold food cans or tubs, they have the foodservice supplies you need.

Continental also has a number of useful material handling products. Their platform trucks come in a variety of different sizes, meaning you can find one that is the perfect size for your business needs. They also have carts available for customers who need to transport products on separate platforms. Their pneumatic utility carts offer unique options for customers who are looking for fragile material handling solutions; these carts are built using heavy duty plastic and feature 8 inch fully pneumatic casters that offer a cushioned and quiet ride.

Keeping your floor clean is a critical component of customer and food safety. In their catalog, Continental also has a wide range of wet and dry floor care products. Their brooms, dust mops and floor sweepers will allow you to quickly remove materials from your floors before applying a wet cleaning solution. Their selection of wet floor care products includes mops, floor scrubbers and squeegees, as well as necessary accessories like mop buckets and floor cones.

No matter what your needs are with cleaning tools, look no further than Continental Commercial Products. The Kitchen Spot connects you with commercial foodservice products experts in your area who can point you in the direction of the right products for your business.