CaptiveAire Hood Systems

About CapitveAire

CaptiveAire, which is continually voted “Best in Class” by industry dealers and consultants, began in a small facility in 1976 before growing to its current size. For over 40 years, CaptiveAire® has been a leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen hood systems, and exhaust fans. In recent years, they have expanded their operations to also include complete solutions for fans, heaters, ductwork, and HVAC equipment.

CaptiveAire Systems

CaptiveAire offers a comprehensive selection of commercial kitchen ventilation and make-up air systems. Their self-cleaning hood system is an industry favorite, as it features The Hot Water Wash system that automatically cleans the hood after cooking is finished for the day. Their new System 10 is innovatively designed, using various CaptiveAire® ventilation products, to create a powerful integrated ventilation solution for foodservice providers, and restaurants. This package includes hoods, self-cleaning systems, grease filtration, pollution control units, energy management systems, dedicated make-up air, fire suppression, and exhaust air functionality.

CapitiveAire Makeup Air Unit

Dedicated make-up air systems, which replace the air that was removed by your exhaust system, are also available from CaptiveAire®. Their selection of make-up air units are designed to heat with higher efficiency, helping customers save on energy costs. Their series of pollution control units can be combined with their exhaust units to remove bothersome smoke and grease particles from the exhaust system. The PCU series of odor control accessories can be paired with CaptiveAire® pollution control units to eliminate unwanted odors in your facility.

CaptiveAire Range Hood Fire Suppression

CaptiveAire® also offers the CORE Protection Fire System, a revolutionary fire suppression system that is tested and listed in accordance with UL 300. This system offers optimal kitchen fire security by combining Ansul wet-chemical appliance coverage with a water-based injection system.

CaptiveAire® is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of commercial kitchen hood systems. They are dedicated to providing sustainable and reliable solutions for the lifetime of their products. If you’re looking for a new commercial hood system or general ventilation. Connect with local restaurant supply store partners and design experts who are ready to get the process going.